The purpose of this site is to provide a photographic reference to assist with the identification of cacti seen in habitat and to provide some information to assist those wishing to see these fascinating plants in nature.


Multiple photographs of species are taken to demonstrate both the similarities and differences within populations and between populations (locations).


As a lot of location information on the web and in books and journals is historical, and because you may be looking for a specific form of a species, species and genera names used refer to the names available in research material.  Check for synonyms using IPNI (link in the resources section) or from literature.


If you believe any plants have been misidentified (not merely synonyms) I would like to know your opinion to keep the site as relevant as possible.  Please contact:




The photographs are accessed from the LOCATION INDEX hyperlink.  Then select country>state>location which are linked to albums of the photographs.  If you don’t know the state that your location is in, refer to the species list which lists country, state, location for each species.  With this information you can navigate to the location.  The “return to home”hyperlink returns to the State that location is in.  The State name is a hyperlink back to country it is in and the Country name is a hyperlink to the Home page.


The date order list is provided to give a guide as to what can be seen at a leisurely place if you are travelling by car.  This and the species order list includes species and some locations for which photographs haven’t been included.  The records are included for completeness and you can find other photographs of the same plants at nearby locations.  If you access an album through the Species List or Date List you must use your browser to navigate back to those lists.


In each album is a map showing the location.  The location is within a red rectangle and the photographs were taken within the rectangle on the map.  More detailed location information / GPS is not available, please don’t ask.


The resource link includes links to cactus, botanic and geographic web sites, some hints and a selection of books with GPS / specific location data.


I hope you enjoy the beauty of these plants in their natural environment.